About Dog Friendly Omaha

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What made us want to create this website?

We have long been obsessed with just about everything having to do with dogs. We love taking care of them, taking them on trips, out to restaurants, parks, patios, and along with us to help select the things we are looking high and low for in local stores

We have always been amazed by the traits and properties of dogs that make them stand out so strongly from many other pets. They are such highly intuitive creatures that research from scientists recently found they recognize the smell of organic compounds in your body that allow them to even detect the onset of lethal diseases in their owner! 

There is nothing quite like coming home after a long day and seeing your favorite canine friend alert and excited, and ready to just stay in and snuggle or go show their furry and gorgeous face out on a park visit or walk.

Our Leading Edge to “Move Over, Rover” When it Comes to Dog-Friendly Spots in Omaha

We were amazed to learn that a few years ago in Europe, stray dogs learned to use the subway to get to the parts of the city with more restaurants and delicious food stands where they could find the nourishment they needed while exploring and trying to survive.

If you have made the choice to adopt a dog, we commend you for wanting to give dogs the comfortable life they deserve, and part of this process is taking them along with you when you go shopping, out to an awesome Omaha patio, or for a bite to eat in a dog-friendly restaurant.

We genuinely try to find out all the places right here in Omaha that are not just letting dogs in to follow a trend, but because they love to have them brighten up the mood at their establishments. 

Dogs are always understanding, compassionate, and unconditional, and it’s why we love them so much! We had begun our work on this website because we realized that the dogs we cared about had better intentions and manners than many humans, and so taking them with us in public was a priority #1.

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“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source”.

— Doris Day

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The Solid Case for Securing Quality Outings With Your Pup

When you get to spend time with your favorite friend, your brain’s dopamine increases, and the centers that adapt to and send messages with relaxation and pleasure become stimulated. 

We aim to not just be another “URL with a few lists”, and we also want you to tell us about great outings that you have had with your dog in Omaha! Our city is full of friendly people with deep family values and a deep appreciation for the solid companionship of a pet.