Dog Friendly Omaha Apartments

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Dog Friendly Omaha Apartments

There are many dog-friendly apartments in Omaha throughout our diverse and Economically robust city, and we hope that you can locate one that is perfect for you and your furry friend!

A recent survey from the NMHC Renters Preferences Study found that of the 89,000 renters that own pets, 71 percent of those owners chose dogs as their companion.

Our goal here at dog friendly Omaha is to help constantly educate you and keep you posted on what makes an apartment dog friendly in Omaha in what qualities look for when making a lease arrangement for you and your loving canine friend.

Pets are now Much More Welcome in Omaha Apartments

It is now estimated that more than 900 million owners worldwide enjoy the company of their pets every day, and there are over 150 different dog breeds that anyone would love to have along with them as a permanent guest in an apartment complex.

We know from firsthand experience that there is a big difference between apartments that will let you have your beloved doggo live with you and communities that have made it a point to have a true understanding of the owner and pet while being hospitable 24-7.

When you are living in a pet-friendly residence, there is a high likelihood that you will not be poised above or below someone who doesn’t share your intense passion for paw-laden loved ones and will understand many aspects of your daily lifestyle. 

After you are done with the search finding an apartment community that is truly pet-friendly, you’ll be giving yourself the peace of mind and opportunity for an enriching future where there are others residing around you that have as much appreciation for your tail-wagging way of life and your choice of always-loving roommate!

So, what makes an ideal dog-friendly apartment in Omaha? Our experienced troupe of dog-lovers laid out some basics that all will appeal greatly to anyone wanting to roll up with a U-Haul and their bone-chomping best friend: not all of these are deal-breakers if not included, but will assure your living experience is a frequently fetch-playing and delightful span of residence.

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 “If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there may not necessarily be anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”

— Rogers Caras

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What Makes a Great Pet-Friendly Apartment in Omaha?

  • A Community Dog Park
  • A Useful Pet-Washing Station
  • Pet Daycare Service
  • Dog Treats at the Leasing Office
  • Pet-Walkers on Site
  • Group Insurance Pet Plans
A Community Dog Park:

This feature will allow all of the dogs that have a bit of pent up energy when their owner comes home to a nearby place that they can become familiar with right away, and at least enjoy some fresh air if there’s not enough time for a longer day trip.

A Useful Pet-Washing Station:

Whether you have just gotten back from an all-out 3-mile trail walk or an afternoon people-watching and enjoying pet-friendly patios in the Old Market, it’s great to know that you don’t have to scramble on the fly to get your dog washed off and that there’s a well-equipped place waiting for you right at home.

This will also allow you not to make a mess in the place that you now love so much for all their extra dog-friendly features and constant understanding of your most important lifestyle choice!

Pet Daycare Service:

While most of the time this type of perk may come at an additional cost, it is the perfect feature for a dog friendly apartment offering a young professional or otherwise busy tenant.

Even if a resident is one that usually tends to stay close to home, it’ll be so much of a way to ease the burden if they have an emergency, or a visitor that just doesn’t happen to get along with your daily dose of a longlasting friendship!

Dog Treats at the Leasing Office:

Even though your dog is going to be ready for their favorite fancy feast of sorts when you arrive home inside your apartment, having dog treats at the leasing office gives your dog a quick bit of nourishment on the spot, and allows them to remember that the management team is friendly towards them.

This is one of those privileges that it’s good not to abuse and go down frequently for, but at the end of every other day or so to walk in and have something nice at your disposal as an instant reward is an excellent added touch.

Pet Walkers on Site:

We completely understand that this is one of the favorite times of the day spent with your dog, and it’s never too convenient when life simply gets in the way and you can’t get home frequently or quickly enough.

Even if it takes your favorite furry friend just a little while to warm up to these on site helpers that will take the most important shore of the day off your plate, it will also allow for creating new friendships and trusted other dog-lovers in your circle within the complex all around!

Group Insurance Pet Plans:

Group insurance is a fantastic way to plan for your pet’s future that is not as much a residential feature but a real valuable stronghold for safety: it can cover accidents, cancer, illnesses needing emergency care, genetic conditions, and options for alternative care.

This is one of those high-end extras that would not be absolutely imperative to live in a pet friendly apartment, as it’s something you can research on your own and still enjoy living with every day as long as the complex has a friendly demeanor and good management.

Where are the Great Dog-Friendly Apartments in Omaha?

You may want to be with your pet in the bustle and daily activity of downtown, in West Omaha for access to the Dodge corridor and Village Pointe, or in South Omaha with everything still just a quick few minutes away.

Omaha is an example of a very dog-friendly and liveable city, and these are just a few of the great apartment options with many features that you’ll have with the most important and close to your heart canine in tow to provide you companionship! 

The Duke Omaha 

Dundee is the very charming and youthful-feeling historic district just West of downtown where we guarantee that your dog will have more fun exploring, going for the occasional longer stretch just a few miles East on the pedestrian bridge over the Missouri, and becoming a familiar staple of the neighborhood.

The Duke is a brand-new luxury apartment that boasts an onsite park just for pets to stretch their legs, and Immaculate and very modern units with gorgeous ceilings, hardwood floors, garden tubs, and granite countertops.

The Brandeis

The Brandeis is a striking and expertly-designed example of downtown high-class living, sporting its own movie theater, always on-point concierge for your needs, all boasting a lavish and very historical atmosphere. 

You’ll be enjoying upper-end and Rover-won-over finishing touches such as treats at the front door, and complimentary pet waste bags for the time when you realize one of you REALLY needs a walk around the constantly expanding and exciting downtown Omaha metro.

Eagle Run Apartments 

Situated in West Omaha near 121st St and Blondo, this complex is directly South of a huge soccer field park and is a suburban location where you enjoy more open space with a nice wood-chip “urban hiking” trail through the woods your dog will love along with Tranquility Park directly West of the complex.

Eagle Run is a fantastic place for a new college graduate, young couple just pursuing their master’s degrees, or single and ready-to-mingle students that enjoy a very well-maintained grounds and luxury essence at a reasonable rate.

The L15 Lofts 

On the bustling and hip edge of the Leavenworth Neighborhood is this spacious and incredibly historic building that offers studio, one, and two-bedroom lofts just minutes away from the shops, seasonal events, and awesome dog-walking district that is the Old Market. 

You’ll be picking your outfit while someone waits patiently for their breakfast bowl filled while enjoying a loft layout, oversized closets, fitness center, and the convenient and summer-night enhancing perk of the BBQ and picnic area. 

The Grand Legacy 

The Grand Legacy will gladly welcome you and your dogs, if they aren’t over a weight limit of 65 pounds. You’ll immediately love the professionally landscaped grounds, on-site recycling, and proximity to the abundance of trails and recreation at nearby Zorinsky Lake. 

Fireplaces in every unit, amazing views of the seasonal trees and distance away from congestion, a theater room, swimming pool, hot tub, and optional upgrade to attached garages all await you here along with courteous management and 22 different amazing floor plans to select from.

Apple Creek 

Many busy individuals that love to experience everything metro Omaha has to offer but prefer to live just a few miles West love the dog-friendly Apple Creek apartment community. It features an indoor pool, fitness center, and enough lawn space for memorable and let-stretching fetch sessions! 

This very quiet and peaceful setting offers easy access to grocery shopping, banking, fine dining, entertainment, and just a 6-mile drive to Omaha’s largest shopping mall. 

Keeping You Informed on Pet-Friendly Apartments 

Omaha has been at the top of the list on many compilations of the best places to live and raise a family in America. With so many excellent dog friendly apartments throughout this city with a wonderful quality of life, there is an option for every dog owner to experience.

Our goal at Dog-Friendly Omaha is to help educate you and keep you constantly informed on what makes a dog-friendly Apartment in Omaha a high quality place to live, and what to seek out when exploring pet-friendly lease options for the future. 

We hope you reach out to us and keep in contact with any information about brand-new dog-friendly apartments in Omaha: if you come across any great residences that don’t mind your best friend in the world coming along for the residential ride, simply click here!