Dog Friendly Omaha Parks

We’re continuing to compile an extensive list of Dog Friendly Parks in the Omaha metro.

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We have wonderful dog-friendly parks in Omaha!

We realized here at dog friendly Omaha after looking at our jam-packed calendars that national dog day is August 26th, and there is no better way to spend it than to sample one or more of the excellent open spaces to enjoy with your dog right here in Omaha!

No matter what type of Midwestern weather pattern you may currently be experiencing in your neighborhood, you can always enjoy a long stretch of the legs and a dose of fresh air at these awesome community dog parks. 

Just like their owners, dogs may tire of seeing the same places again and again, and it’s great to mix things up a bit when you have a good number of outdoor options like we do here in Omaha.

We wanted to take just a minute to share our thoughts on the qualities we think make a great dog park, and where you can find some of the best places to enjoy fall colors, summer sun, and the paws in pure powder of winter right here in the metro.

What makes a great dog park?

  • The Important Consideration of Location
  • High-Quality Fencing and Functional Entrance
  • Closely Watching Where the Gate Goes
  • Choosing the Appropriate Surface
  • Separation Options by Dog Size
  • Clearly Displayed Signs
  • Abundance of H2O on the Grounds
  • Adequate Waste Control
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One quality of successful dog parks that we have noticed is marking off an area to the side and perhaps towards the back of the community especially for dogs.

A dog park does not necessarily have to be 100% flat, as many communities have had very successful planning of these areas with just a gentle slope or other land features that are not quite suitable for different city functions.


The area designated especially for entry and the fencing around the space are both very crucial features for a successful and functional dog park.

It is a good idea to consider a double gate system, which provides a nice amount of valuable extra space as people are coming and going alongside each other with their furry friends.


Some of the dog parks we have visited in all of our travels with our canine companions have had gates at the corners, and we realized that they were not quite as smoothly functioning as those without this structural gate design.

If the gates are situated at the side of the park, the dogs coming in to enjoy themselves have a full 180 degrees worth of valuable wiggle and stretch room to enter safely.


We know that grass seems like the best option at first thought for a well-equipped dog park, but the constant activity, digging, and running of dogs can quickly chair mother nature’s best surface up.

Opting for surfaces like decomposed granite won’t need you frequently having to work on upkeep and is much easier on the environment. Even though they may come at a higher cost, artificial turfs can last for many years, saving headaches in the long run.


Some of the most successful and well-recieved dog parks have two separate sections: one side for the littler doggos, and another for larger breeds that may seem a little bit intimidating right off the bat.

It can make for a much safer experience when you don’t let both sides of dogs mix in the least, just so there are no unforeseen incidents that can happen at the wag of a tail or the drop of a hat!


Properly displaying exactly what the various rules for your dog park are and vital contact information easily seen on the entry gates will help if anything sudden happens while people and their beloved pets are enjoying the park.

Some of the most important varieties to display are:

  • Park is fo residents and their pets
  • A sign that clearly lays out owners’ legal responsibility for injuries
  • Licensing and vaccination requirements for safety
  • Requirements for waste cleanup
  • no tolerance for dog aggression
  • Minimum age for puppies that want to enjoy the park
  • Restrictions you impose on leashes
  • alcoholic beverage restrictions


Even though many dog owners would think that this is a vital element that should never be overlooked, we have seen instances especially in northern states where there is no running water on the dog park grounds.

When dog parks have been set up in a bit of a makeshift time crunch and feature standing buckets of water, you can experience an onslaught of mosquitoes, and risk the spread of many unwanted diseases throughout the park.


When communities pool their resources with residents and develop a dog park, it is very important to look with a keen eye (and nose!) into the future and think about how much dog waste will show up at the planned outdoor area.

Hiring a commercial pet waste service can be a good idea as they have very well-executed plans to keep the park clean, free of poop, and thereby so much more enjoyable for all the community residents to give their dog a well-earned outdoor break from being cooped up.

The Many Perks of Getting Out to Frolic in Fresh Air

Here at Dog Friendly Omaha, we know that you feel as if your pets are an all-inclusive member of the family, and that you want them to enjoy all the healthiest aspects of life that we would want to.

We have done our careful bone digging and forms of research to make sure we report to you about a great and diverse variety of dog parks in the Omaha area. Your dog will always thank you for getting them out and into the wide world of new people and discovery, even if you feel you just have 20 minutes to spare!

Where are Some of the Best Dog Parks in Omaha?

Chalco Hills Recreation Area 

This is one of West Omaha’s absolute best and most scenic areas to take your dog for a little more than just a quick break and change of scenery!

Here you can cast a reel and try your luck fishing, be stationary at a dog friendly picnic site, or jog and walk more than 7 miles of trails around this beautiful flood control reservoir: Your dog may even spot a couple of other few forms of wildlife while enjoying this gorgeous suburban expanse of open space. 

Dewey Dog Park 

There are many reasons why talented young professionals and others moving to Omaha to begin a new life love to reside in Midtown, and well planned and eco-friendly spots like this one make a great case for it.

This 10,000 square foot dog park is jam packed with keen obstacles to give your dog extra challenges, self cleaning synthetic turf, and a very welcoming splashpad area for all the warmer months.

Hanscom Dog Park 

Some dog owners these days just don’t have the time or energy to take their favorite friend to an off-leash park, but the ones that do are immediately rewarded with a well-trained dog’s engaging and athletic afternoon out!

There’s a scenic pond to enjoy a walk around, and Hanscom Dog Park has the much-needed two separation areas to keep safe for both small and big dogs. 

Miller Dog Park 

Miller dog park is one of those great local spots here in the Omaha metro that has many features packed into a smaller area. This is not a place where you head out for a whole day on a long hike, but rather a literal place set of separate challenges and agility equipment for your beloved doggo.

This very characteristic and memorable dog park is situated in the Minne Lusa area of north Omaha and offers many different places to catch some shade from hot summer sun and ideal seating for a quick break, and its recent addition provided a much-needed other option for dog owners in this neighborhood.

Walnut Creek Recreation Area

No matter what breed you have at home to frequently snuggle, wait impatiently to see at the end of a long day, and spoil with delicious treats and toys, they’re going to absolutely love a session of splashing and swimming at Walnut Creek recreation area!

Here you’ll also find an RV park with 44 electric sites, 105-acre lake stocked frequently with bass and bluegill, and four large picnic shelters which can be reserved after a good long run at the leash-free dog park here at Walnut Creek. 

Jewell Park and Off-Road Biking Trails 

This is a very unique dog friendly park in Omaha that has a very off the beaten path feel and is not an organized haven of obstacles and pre constructed play items for fun like a human playground, but this is where the true fun lies here!

Known for its rocky and dirt terrain, mountain bikers love it for the various challenges that it provides and the opportunity to excitedly hop off pavement: walking this trail will be a true workout for both of you, but there’s also a fenced in dog park to enjoy as well.

Gene Leahy Mall at the Riverfront

This is one of those “quintessential Omaha” spots that became a popular place for downtown residents to take their dogs to explore the sculpture garden and blow off some steam on the “just for dogs” playground situated here. 

Here you’ll find 15,000 square feet of tunnels to crawl excitedly through, other obstacles, and grassy areas to sit and rest. This is the perfect place for those residing in the Old Market and many of the other lofts as well as apartments downtown to catch a relaxed glimpse of the skyline and take a much-needed stretch. 

Keeping you Informed about Omaha Dog Parks 

Our goal at Dog Friendly Omaha is to keep new and longtime residents alike constantly updated on great places that welcome dogs in the area. It’s so much more fun when both of you are included, and the list is definitely getting longer and boasts more variety every day. 

We hope that our readers keep in touch with us and share your own experiences and information about dog parks here in Omaha, and you can simply click here to share any openings, closings, or renovations done to these highly appreciated parks.