Dog Friendly Omaha Patios

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We have wonderful dog-friendly patios in Omaha!

Here in Omaha, we knew right away that a website informing dog-owners on the establishments that are friendliest for them would generate more than just a few canine-loving clicks! 

One interesting statistic is one that we found while dutifully digging up (much like a hidden bone!) information on dog patios in general. 

Tucson, Arizona happens to be the #1 dog-friendly city in America, but don’t be phased in the least: Omaha is a very diverse and warm-spirited city full of young professionals and populated by people with much love for everything from best-friends in the form of beamingly-friendly beagles to loyal and taut Toy Fox Terriers!

Guidelines to Follow When Visiting Pet-Friendly Patios

In even the most outdoorsy and accepting cities in the nation, there are still a couple polite and sensible guidelines to follow when you do find the best patio in Omaha to enjoy your surroundings and sense of exploration for your doggo!

  • If the delicious joint for eats is not on our hot list, sometimes it’s good to let them know ahead of time that your loved one will be with you!
  • Make sure there’s been a bathroom break before you arrive
  • Try to keep your dog leashed up if possible
  • Have readily available treats and water bowls
  • Watch your dog attentively when the waitstaff is present
  • As fun as it could be, keep your dog off the table
  • Approach the situation with caution if you know the friend that loves you may not love others right away so much!
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“A strong sense of companionship and loyalty are things to come home to every night that people everywhere love to reward!”

— Anonymous

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What Makes a Dog-Friendly Patio in Omaha?

An ideal dog patio will have taken the time necessary to consider all of the fine points that would make things appealing for both dog owners and those enjoying the establishment without their pets. 

Making things more exciting and appealing for the visiting pet yet while allowing for a still somewhat neutral zone for the solo diner are going to guarantee a primo patio for culinary AND canine enjoyment.  

Here are 6 key elements that will assure that both those with the love of their life on a leash and regular patrons will have a great experience: 

  • Water Bowls
  • Dog Treats
  • Keep Customers With dogs Separated
  • Keep Your Staff From Petting dogs
  • Be Ready to Clean up Messes
  • Know When to say no

These 6-key elements will help guide you in locating all the best dog-friendly patios in the Omaha area. Now, let’s learn about the importance of water bowls and dog treats while spending time with your furry friend on the patio.


Having the dog’s favorite form of reward immediately on hand is bound to make them feel as if they have arrived at the right place for a perfect day out with their owner.

 This is a simple task that goes so very far in the long run, because it engraves in the memory of the owner nothing but positivity as far as the very first “good things” that happened as soon as they and their paw-friendly partner sit down.


Since we know your location is going to now become a huge hit with a dog-friendly patio, it is safe to say that you will have multiple parties coming in that will be accompanied by their fetch-loving and furry better half! 

Since even the most friendly dog can tend to get just a bit wound up or hostile around other dogs, it’s a good idea to seat those with an ever-so lovable “plus one” with some healthy distance in between them.


We know that this one could provide some challenges, as any wait staff member who is a bona fide people person may very well also love four-legged frequent fliers! 

On top of keeping them ideally focused on their serving and multitasking they are already responsible for, it will also enable them to continue on into the shift without having to stop and wash hands so much more often to assure the best drinking and dining experience for every customer.


There is so much to love and get excited about when it comes to dogs, and with every loving friend comes just a few drawbacks! They can be prone to having accidents, and you simply have to incorporate a means of efficiency with your staff to clean things up just as they would for a human enjoying their venue. 

As interrupting and unsanitary as it seems, it is possible to just alleviate the problem and move on quickly, all while providing the class-leading service that patrons already adore you for.


As the potential of being FULLY committed will only give your business more local clout and appeal, it is always a wise idea to expand the menu to allow for the patron to order more than just a treat for their beloved companion. 

This is an additive to your establishment that will be guaranteed to keep both the customers and the dogs happy, and while it will most definitely be items that won’t be appealing to the owner, you’ll be witnessing their dog’s excitement level jump from 1 to 1000 in a heartbeat!


Most people that are coming out to enjoy a delightful day in dog friendly Omaha will have keen enough pet ownership senses to know when their pet is getting a bit out of hand. 

There may be the unfortunate incidents that come up when you have to ask someone to leave, and it’s not always a pleasant moment of restaurant ownership. Much like the staff on a long flight on an airline with an unruly passenger, just assure that your staff is trained to find a management figure as soon as trouble arises, which will keep the experience memorable and satisfactory to everyone there. 

Even though anyone out for anything from a quick break to a long stroll with their dog would assume that any patio would be dog-friendly, that is not always the case. 

From the charm and awesome living along with shops at Midtown Crossing to the four-footed beckoning call of open spaces such as Oakview Mall, there are many different locations in Omaha that are ideal for getting your favorite companion some fresh air or allowing them to chill while you indulge in a midday snack.

Where are the best dog-friendly patios in Omaha? 

Even though we know that you could not imagine life for one fur-coated minute without your dog present, not all others feel the same, but we do believe that the city of Omaha has really warmed up to the all-inviting notion of patio dining in a major way! 

Here are some spots that we know you’ll love drinking in all four seasons of Midwest charm and amazing ambience with the best dinner date (or addition to one!) around!

The Omaha Dog Bar 

The Omaha Dog Bar is obviously a bit of a no-brainer, sporting what is the “cream of the crop” in Omaha’s dog-friendly patio scene. The “Bark Park” offers up a 10,000 sq foot of outdoor and fully-fenced off-leash park that allows for your pup to stretch and really exercise while you enjoy awesome local craft beers, craft cocktails, and piping-hot drinks for year-round comfort. Attending a singles mixer here could most definitely have you meeting someone special who shares the most common “swipe right” interest you could ask for! 

The Paradise Bakery & Café

The Paradise Bakery & Café provides the true atmosphere of a quaint and impromptu-stop that is still known for an extreme and hospital variety of dog friendliness. Even though there is no official table service here, you can simply tie up your dog first and venture inside and select your choice of baked goodness. Here you’ll find scrumptious pastries, bread, sandwiches, salads, soups, and plenty of neo-styled and comforting healthy breakfast dishes. This is one of those establishments that could never be billed as “run of the mill”, and it won’t take much more than a happily wagging tail to bring you directly back.

Tanner’s Bar & Grill 

Tanner’s Bar & Grill lives every day to the fullest and most canine-friendliest, and abides daily by making solid connections with those in the metro who love watching sports, good food, and a sense of community and warmth huddled around every table. Your loving live-in is always welcome to join you at any of the Tanner’s Bar & Grill locations on their spacious and delightfully casual patio. Being “Purveyors of Good Times” should always mean allowing pups on the premises, and these proprietors happily abide!

The Zen Coffee Co.

The Zen Coffee Co. is a pet-friendly coffee shop that has the ambience and hip environment that goes above and beyond the average tied-leach and proper patio confines, and has a West location on 133rd Street in Tiffany Plaza. Proudly woman-owned and Green certified, their passion for high-quality coffee beans and espresso to help you crush the next Powerpoint on deck right out of the park are situated in an incredibly welcoming and socially conscious hive of intellectual and prime pup-spotting activity! 

The Brickway Brewery & Distillery Patio

The Brickway Brewery & Distillery Patio is already situated in the prime people watching district at the Old Market offers, not only offering an above average dose of foot traffic but allowing you to expose your dog to the best in slightly crowded sights and sounds! Even though the staff MAY not be able to look the other way on this one if your dog happens to enjoy the occasionally snifter of brewed suds, you’ll still be enjoying award-winning delights such as Jalapeno Pineapple Pilsner, Coffee Vanilla Stout, and Omaha Stylee Juicy IPA.

Dundee Cork & Bottle

Dundee Cork & Bottle loves the presence of your pooch so much that they usually have a treat on hand ready to go, and their cozy neighborhood location in Dundee is situated right alongside so many other great venues that you don’t have to walk far at all to explore. With beautiful flowers dangling right out front and a nearly Parisian charm smack-dab in this welcoming and bustling collegiate Midwestern metro, this venue has some of the most undeniable charm for your four-legged friend we have come across! 

Dante Ristorante Pizzeria Patio

Dante Ristorante Pizzeria Patio is a true gem of West Omaha that has always been committed to providing the customer the top selection in Italian wines, tasting events and perfectly lavish wine dinners. They have one of the largest Italian wine selections in the state, and being dog friendly puts them even higher on our “Alfie approved” list! There’s plenty of open space in the outdoor pavilion right here, and this awesome spot’s wood-fire goodness is so superior that we know people who swear by their weekly outing here to enjoy it. 

Go Experience One of Omaha’s Best Patios

Go experience one of Omaha’s best dog-friendly patios and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Dog-Friendly Omaha and keep us informed. We want to know where the best patios are in Omaha for pets. Be sure to drop us a note if you’ve discovered a great patio in the Omaha area.