Dog Friendly Omaha Stores

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Dog Friendly Omaha Stores

Even though Americans have always loved their pets dearly, the past few years have seen shoppers  want to bring them along to various stores in Omaha more than ever.

Why is this? During the first year of COVID, 3.2 million households had reportedly found a new pet to play with, pamper, and to entertain their family. Most of these owners were younger, with more than 50% of them being aged between 16 and 34.

The Appeal and Pull on the Leash for Much-Needed Retail Therapy:

It is definitely one thing to shop online at your own leisure with your loved one snuggled up at your feet, but are you confident and secure enough to bring your pet with you to a large chain or store?

Extensive research has proven that there is a great social benefit that comes as a reward from an afternoon retail shopping. This type of satisfaction has always been a driving factor in stores that both do and don’t allow dogs to accompany you. 

It has been frequently noticed that shoppers do not take much time to thoroughly browse and branch out in stores when they feel a negative emotional state, knowing that you must hurry back to your dog at home falls into this category.

We’ll take a close look here at some of the traits that make a great dog-friendly store.

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“No Decision Should be Made on an Empty Shopping Bag!”

— Donitak Paul

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What Makes a Great Dog-Friendly Store?

  • Some Offerings That are Suitable for Pet Owners
  • A Simple and Hands-Free Transaction
  • Environment is Thoroughly Safe
  • Very Well-Prepared Staff
  • Heavily Promoted Pet-Friendliness

If a dog friendly store you are visiting is a grocery store, you don’t really have to worry about them having treats and other dog-friendly products, but even places like home improvement stores and other gift shops can throw in a few little items that dogs will be eyeballing as well.

This is actually a great opportunity for somewhere like a bakery or bookstore to branch out in their branding and marketing, and an owner can always start small at first and watch this other segment of their business eventually grow very organically!    


When high-tech services such as QR codes were first introduced, it took a little while for them to catch on, but they are great at speeding up the ordering process for people coming in with their favorite furry friend.

The convenience of being able to order online and pick up at the curb has helped greatly, but anything the establishment can do to speed up the checkout process will have a dog lover with constantly four hands wanting to come back soon.


When many of the stores that have been successful in allowing dogs onto their property give us advice at first, it seems like it might be kind of hard to keep dangerous hazards that could harm your dog off the floor.

But the same staff that provides security or janitorial services for your business simply just has to take a look around and see if any small products are falling down or any gaping electrical cords happen to be in the way.

If there are specific areas that you’ve already planned for the animals to spend most of their time in, mark this designated area clearly, allowing everyone to know that it is where you can gravitate towards immediately.


One of the reasons why pets are so lovable is because they’re simply so much fun to have around, but every once in a while every breed can be just a little bit unpredictable.

It is very important to know exactly where the nearest veterinarian or dog hospital is if any problem should ever arise, and you’ll want to be completely honest about every little detail regarding your pet friendliness to avoid any major misunderstandings.

One of the best ways to train your staff when you are becoming a pet friendly store in Omaha is to show them how to recognize any sign that a pet is beginning to be stressed, allowing for a better experience that everyone in the store will enjoy.


Just about everyone in business these days knows that Facebook and Instagram are two of the main channels to let people know on their smartphones that you are ready for them in the for a friend, but it’s important to also utilize review platforms such as Yelp to get the word out to as many varieties of web users as possible.

Many pet friendly store owners who have made it through lean and constantly changing times have also let us know that hosting fundraisers and allowing for donation of a portion of your sales to local organizations that help animals can provide a personal touch: this allows the dog owner to feel as if a cause they are passionate about has been adhered to by your business!

The Sheer Joy of Shopping With your Favorite Furry +1

Whether it’s the warm company of a Golden Retriever or the characteristic and loyal Basset Hound that’s waiting for you when you get home, there are just some times when you want your dog to trot along with you and help you pick out a new outfit!

Even though used to be just service dogs that were the only ones who had a chance of getting into a department or big box store of any kind, times are changing rapidly and we began work on this website to help dog lovers in Omaha find awesome new places to try out.

Here are some of the dog friendly stores in Omaha that we think you’ll love going to and browsing down the aisles with your A-list and always loving companion!

Where are the Dog-Friendly Stores in Omaha?


This is the type of outdoorsy and eco-conscious store that will enjoy allowing your dog to come inside and browse through all of this camping and hiking gear, adventure-prone clothing, and other goodies that will help those in search of fresh air and excitement with you. 

It is also very amazing to see just how far technology has come in the dog training department here, as you can find tracking and hands-free E-collars, along with a large variety of other accessories and equipment to aid you in your quest to escape the cubicle and enjoy the wild.


This is an ideal place to take your dog after you have perhaps decided to buy a house in Omaha, with designer-quality upper end furnishing for the bedroom, office, dining room, and much more. 

Your doggo is bound to get pretty excited when they see some of the great Ottoman options here: some of these would be the perfect spot to sun themselves while they are waiting for you as their loving owner to finally return at 630 PM and give their water and dinner bowl some TLC!


Arts and craft stores like Michaels or the kind that are perfect for a rainy day, birthday gift needs, are the ones here celebration of Christmas to find thanks for everyone special in your life.

Here you and your dog can browse through fabric, yarn, frames, an excellent selection of scrapbook materials, beads, jewelry, model kits, and canvases. The spooky and always fun holiday in the form of Halloween also only comes once a year, and this is one of the best places in town to look for ghoul inspired crafts to celebrate the coming of fall with your four-legged friend!

Drastic Plastic

Even though we admit that we just binge watched some great 90s movies like “High Fidelity” over this winter, it reminded us that first-class record stores like this are one of a kind, and need full on dog and human community support!

This was the very first store in Omaha to sell Doc Martin shoes, other punk rock clothing, and even began its own record label in the late 1980’s. A true Omaha anchor for vinyl records and anything underground and alternative, it’s a perfect first stop while exploring the diverse and very walkable Old Market. 

Lahona Nursery

Lahona is an amazing place to check out with your dog: you’ll find a well-equipped garden center, landscape maintenance services, and a very long standing appreciation for preserving the Earth and the Nebraska environment. 

The garden center is manned by some of the  most knowledgeable employees we’ve ever encountered and a great get your hands on plants and trees, beautiful pottery, and all varieties of home decor.

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Shoe-shopping is one of those guilty pleasures that anyone can suddenly realize that they have spent the whole afternoon browsing all the different options for formal, business, or “perfect walking the dog” footwear!

Here you’ll be able to browse from a selection of Vans for the skate ramp, Birkenstocks to cushion your tired feet, New Balance for the runner deep down in all of us, the outdoor call of Timberland, and the timeless simple style of Converse shoes.

Half Price Bookstore

With more than 120 stores around the country, Half Price Books have stuck to their guns and have carefully cultivated an environment full of books, movies, board games, video games, and puzzles, and the quality of what you find is always a healthy step above most thrift store’s wares. 

Both you AND your dog know that you can always check out a book and read it on your laptop or Kindle, but it’s so much better to have a physical copy, and once you find a few at a great price here, your dog can curl up at your feet while you are engaged in the middle of another prime page-turner that you were always looking for!

The Apple Store

We do know that there is not much eye candy in the way of merchandise here for your dog, but Omaha’s Apple Store is a high-tech haven of the very latest iPhones and more that YOU are going to love!

Besides, Village Point is one of our favorite walking areas with its outdoor pavilion full of shops and dining to enjoy with your dog, and after you take care of your latest gadget fix, you can perhaps check out a dog-friendly restaurant such as Dante Pizzeria that is on a few of our other top lists. 

Scheel’s All-Sports

This is one of our favorite dog friendly stores in the winter, because when the both of you are stir crazy from too much cold and snow on the ground, you can walk through 177,000 square feet of shopping including sports, footwear, and entertainment.

Your companion can watch while you try your hand at some indoor putting, get fitted for an awesome pair of running shoes, look at guns and knives for hunting and fishing, or prepare for the welcoming of spring with camping equipment, baseball gear, and other outdoor accessories.

Keeping you Informed About Dog-Friendly Shops

Omaha is very frequently situated at the top of the list on many compilations of   stellar places to work and live in the United States. With a variety of excellent dog friendly stores in the city, you can find a variety for every type of dog owner to enjoy.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us here at Dog Friendly Omaha as we continue to guide you and give you the scoop on where to find pet friendly stores in the future. As you become informed on stores that are happy to allow your dog with you when you spend your downtime browsing their goods, don’t hesitate to click here and let us know about your fantastic findings!