Heartland Paws: Pet Food How it Should Be

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For Heartland Paws owners, Chris and Christina, opening a Natural Pet Food and Supply store has been the realization of a passion they share together to keep family pets healthy and happy.  They recently opened Heartland Paws, the newest addition to the popular  Pepperwood Village in West Omaha next door to Baker’s.  You can count on finding Chris in the store when you stop in, and if you are a new visitor, you will soon find that his passion for healthy foods for your pet is genuine and his knowledge is vast. Returning customers value his expertise and that passion.

During a recent visit, we visited with Chris and were able to learn more about his journey to realizing a dream to open Heartland Paws and make an impact on the quality of life for dogs, cats, and their families.  Dogs have always been one of Chris’ biggest passions. After having spent 25 years in the regulatory medical field, he knows what’s what when it comes to ingredients, and his experience has led to an immeasurable amount of quality research leading to providing the very best you can for your fur babies.

It all started when their family dog, Millie, was diagnosed with cancer, leading he and Christina to dive into researching how to help Millie live a long and fulfilling life using a special diet. That research and implementation of their findings led to a more improved quality of life for Millie.  Chris and Christina provided a diet that not only improved Millie’s quality of life but also allowed her to live far longer than expected and was in great shape despite her cancer when she passed.

This experience motivated the Trindles to dig even deeper into researching how to give dogs and cats the best life possible using only the best ingredients and products. Chris knew that with his knowledge and experience, that others could benefit and be able to provide their family pets a healthier and happier life. He and Christina decided that it was time to share their knowledge and experience with the Omaha / Metro community, and Heartland Paws became a reality.

When it comes to providing the very best for your beloved pup or kitty, Heartland Paws is a must-stop for pet owners. All of Heartland Paws’ stock is thoroughly researched high-quality products. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and is ready to help anyone who stops in. I am always thrilled to be able to share this knowledge and carry well researched, high-quality foods, treats, supplements, and essentials to keep dogs and cats happy and healthy for a long time” Chris said.

“There is definitely a difference in how foods are made and unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding what is supposed to be healthy” he added.

When you swing by the shop, be sure to bring your pup! They proudly display a sign letting everyone know that their shop is completely dog-friendly. They designed their store with this in mind, complete with epoxy flooring for easy clean-up when accidents occur. They even have a cleanup station in the back of the store ready to use at a moment’s notice, and their water bowl is always filled with fresh water to keep your pup hydrated and happy while you shop.

Heartland Paws carries high-quality dog and cat food, wellness supplements, beds, collars, and leashes, as well as flea and tick products.  Of course, they haven’t forgotten how much your pups enjoy the “t-word” … TREATS!  Heartland Paws has an entire section of locally baked treats for your dog or cat. If your furry friend’s birthday is coming up, be sure to snag them a super cute baked treat to celebrate. They also have a wide selection of different types of toys to fit any need and for your dog or cat to enjoy.

Of course, you don’t have to be a pet owner to come in and buy treats and toys for your friends and family, and it’s a terrific spot to pick up some of the best gifts for those you know love their fur babes and want only the best.

It is also important to understand that Heartland Paws is more than just a pet supply store, and they have a special place in their hearts and share their love for rescues. They have adopted two adorable dogs from rescues, named Dakota and Harley. When they designed the store, they left a large area in the back for rescues to come set up and look for that perfect forever home.

Nebraska’s weather can be extremely hot or extremely cold, which makes setting up outside difficult for rescue groups and their animals. This space works wonderfully for meet and greets, complete with seating and a water bowl. Sometimes, there’s no good backyard or outdoor area to meet up with a rescue dog if someone lives in an apartment. Heartland Paws is a great neutral space for those types of meetups.

Heartland Paws Natural Pet Food and Supply Store has everything your pet needs to feel at home. They carry an extensive assortment of foods, toys, grooming supplies, healthy treats, pet beds, and a wide variety of chew toys for all types of dogs and cats. They pride themselves on being your trusted, go-to natural pet food and supply shop. Your pet is their passion. Everyone at Heartland Paws has your pet’s health and happiness as their top priority.

Heartland Paws is also interested in helping you save money.  When you set up auto-order for things like dog food or your pup’s favorite treats, you’ll receive 5% off, as well as the ease of repeat orders. You can also sign up for their Astro Loyalty program and receive rewards and offers. It also helps and pays to follow them on Social Media! Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram accounts to be in the know when they have special discounts and offers, as well as in-store events.

If you want to support a local, animal-loving, pet-focused, family-run business, Heartland Paws is a wonderful place to do so. They are known for their knowledgeable staff, heart for rescue animals, and undeniable passion for healthy pets. Unlike other chain pet supply shops, you can trust that any product you buy from Heartland Paws is fully researched and optimal for your pet. Stop in, bring your dog, say hello, and happy shopping for you and your pooch!