Magnolia Hotel: a Magnificent Stay for Dogs and Their Humans

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At Magnolia Omaha, every guest is greeted with the highest level of customer service and excellent hospitality, and that also applies to four-legged guests, as well.

With a history so rich, and the property so lavishly adorned and decorated, one might assume or think that the Magnolia Omaha is not a friendly fit or accommodating to dogs and their owners. But much to our surprise, the Magnolia hotel is just as excited about their furry visitors as they are about humans. And in fact, maybe even more.

The hotel staff becomes giddy with glee when a guest has their dog in tow. Upon arrival, each guest and dog owner is greeted with a warm welcome and a goody bag with a few must-have dog essentials, including a stainless steel water bowl, milk bone dog treats, and a roll of plastic waste bags. Traveling can be hectic and when your mind is going in a million different directions, it’s easy to forget an item or two. And when vacationing with your dog, that can be multiplied.

Tim, the General Manager of the Magnolia, is aware of this, which is why it’s no problem whatsoever to go above and beyond in welcoming their travelers with a warm smile and supplies, just in case.

Since his arrival at the Magnolia Omaha in 2012, Tim and his team have made vast improvements in their amenities to accommodate their guests who are traveling with their dogs. In 2016, they completely did away with their pet fee, which was a non-refundable $100 fee for the duration of the stay. They also have a zero dog discrimination policy. Unlike most hospitality establishments, the Magnolia does not have a weight limit or breed policy. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and blood types are welcome and loved at the Magnolia! The only “rule” they have is dogs must be kenneled when left unattended in the room. This is to ensure the safety of both dogs and room attendants.

Since implementing this change, the response has been nothing short of positive, both from guests with dogs and the guests sans dogs. Now the hotel is hosting four to five dogs per night and since March of 2020, they have seen a dramatic increase in guests who are traveling by car with their dogs. While the hotel has always been “pet friendly”, they now feel they have an identity of being a happy place to stay for not only man, but also for man’s best friend. With the consistent frequency of dog guests, what maybe was once in a while is now the absolute norm. In fact, Tim says it would be very weird to not see a dog in the hotel. This attitude is a testament that you can be a luxurious, top-tier hotel and still be welcoming to all walks of life, literally.

Upon checking in, at the front desk you will notice a double-sided postcard. On one side is a sunset encouraging guests to take a photo of their evenings at the Magnolia and to share it on social media. The other side is of a dog, which encourages guests to snap and share photos of their dog while staying at the hotel. This is a fun and easy way for guests to spread the word that the Magnolia is a great place for dogs and people!

There are limited areas of grass, which is a given when living/staying in a downtown urban space. So to accommodate the needs of their guests’ dogs, the hotel installed turf pads in the front of the hotel on each side of the entrance, as well as placed a pet-post outback with waste bags and a bin. These small changes have made a tremendous impact and statement to their guests and show the commitment the Magnolia Omaha has to be known truly as a pet-friendly hotel.

Not only has the response been great, but the uptick in the number of guests who are bringing their dogs to the Magnolia has also increased. And the staff couldn’t be happier. Tim shares that it is a delight for all the hotel staff to meet the dogs and especially for those who book extended stays, their dogs become like family and hotel mascots.

And that can certainly be said for long-time guests, Roberto and Gigi, and their fluffy four-legged friend, Archibald. Aka “Archie” for short. Roberto, who splits his time in Omaha, LA, Miami, and Milano, has been a resident of the Magnolia since December 23rd of 2021. Roberto said not only has the Magnolia staff welcomed him and his family with open arms but to know they love and care for Archie just as much as he does, well that is what sets the Magnolia apart. It’s not about being a guest anymore, it’s about feeling at home.