Mulhall’s: Gardening and Dog Gathering

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For over 60 years, Mulhall’s has built a reputation for being known as one of Omaha’s premier, locally and family-0wned garden centers. Their greenhouses are filled with a diverse variety of plants, patio furniture, and during December: Christmas trees. What once began as a small place for people to come and browse landscape options has now evolved into a massive community hub, both for humans and dogs. The Mulhall’s staff are passionate about more than just gardening – they’re huge animal lovers.

“Plant lovers are almost always animal lovers,” says Janet, a manager at Mulhall’s. She has dogs of her own and loves to see all the pets who stop in at Mulhall’s. The establishment is proud to be dog-friendly. They have water bowls out and are diligent about making sure they’re always full and fresh to keep your pup hydrated. Dogs whose owners are regulars know exactly which staff members have treats and get excited to see their favorite employee. They always keep pepperoni-flavored goodies on hand because they know that it’s most dogs’ favorite treat.

Dog trainers will come in and host obedience classes at Mullhall’s regularly. The space works so well because it’s big, open, and there’s a lot to be exposed to. The trainers will take advantage of the sensory stimulation with the smells of birds, bunnies, raccoons, and plants. This is great for a dog’s socialization. It helps the dog to experience a new environment and unique surroundings in a controlled situation. The trainers can use this opportunity to help the dog learn to focus during training.

Mulhall’s is a Christmas wonderland in the winter season – plus, it’s a great place to walk your pup! During those freezing months, it can be hard to convince yourself to suffer in the cold so that your dog gets a few minutes of much-needed exercise. The garden center is a great place to take your dog for a short walk while staying warm. Plus, you may as well buy a plant or two while you’re there!

While dogs are the most common animal you’ll come across at Mulhall’s, there might be some interesting animals you’d be shocked to run into. The staff has a squirrel that sticks around Mulhall’s. They call her Tina, and she’s even gotten brave enough to eat food off the staff’s shoes. They’ve also witnessed parrots, parakeets, cats on leashes – and craziest of all, a monkey in a stroller!

Mulhall’s is known for many things in Omaha, including their love for the community. One of their focuses is habitat conservation. “Whether it’s conserving or restoring natural prairies, wetlands, and other local habitats, we care a lot about supporting healthy ecosystems here in the Great Plains. For living communities they sustain. For the incalculable value in their functioning. And for the vast beauty, they bring to the earth,” reads their website. They participate in projects like rainwater gardens, native plants, and urban gardening.

Not only does Mulhalls sell plants, patio furniture, and gardening tools, but they also offer landscaping services. They offer biophilic design and maintenance, landscape management, and landscape construction. They can help you bring your curb appeal to the next level – just don’t let your pup dig up your beautiful garden! They’ve even done landscaping at public locations you’ve probably seen before. Ever find yourself admiring the flowers at The Nebraska Crossing outlet mall? Mulhall’s is behind their landscaping.

They even offer interior plant design. “Whether you are looking to make your indoor space more inviting, improve its atmosphere, or simply want to make it a little more beautiful, we’re ready to get to work – be it by way of a living wall, a green roof, adding plants to an office space, containers to a patio, or most anything else you could imagine to help bring the outdoors in,” reads their website. This is a great way to enjoy beautiful plants all season, even with Nebraska’s harsh winter season.

Mulhall’s has much to offer both at their greenhouse and as services for your home. The Omaha area is lucky to have such a great greenhouse that gives back to the community If you have a dog and are looking for a pet-friendly environment, look no further. As one staff member puts it: “We’ve got water for the dogs, treats for the dogs, and lots of scratches and rubs.” The entire staff at Mullhall’s loves animals and would welcome your pup with open arms.