Wag: Grooming, Goods, and Doing Good

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Located just slightly west of downtown Omaha on south 24th street is Wag, a locally-owned small business that first began in 2011 as a dog supply shop, and single-bay grooming has morphed and evolved into a big-time business doing a lot of good in their cozy space.

The owner, Eryn, has been passionate and heavily involved with animals since she was a young girl. From taking in neighborhood strays to volunteering with local rescue groups, she has always had a heart for animals and advocating on their behalf. Their current space, located on south 24th street is now Wag’s third home. Their first location was north downtown and while they loved the area, they were outgrowing that space and needed to expand. They then found a second home but yet again, space became an issue and it was time to relocate. The third time is a charm because Eryn and the team are more than happy and thriving in their furever home!

When asked if she had plans to open up a second location, the possibility of taking Wag west and opening up a second shop in west Omaha would most likely be the move, but no set plans are in place at the moment!

When you walk into Wag, you are greeted with a vibrant green faux grass wall with the signature Wag brand front and center. Eryn can most often be found sitting right behind the desk and immediately asks her customers how their day is going and what she can do to help them. Her sidekick, a six-month-old Standard Poodle named Birdie, whom Eryn adopted not too long ago, is also there to assist.

After a warm welcome from Eryn and Birdie, you can browse a wide variety of high-quality, specialty brand food, treats, as well as tasteful accessories such as dog bowls adorned in pretty colors, pastel brush strokes, and quippy sayings. From fashionable and functional pieces like harnesses to leases and bandanas and bows, there is something perfect for your dog, inside and out. They put a large focus on carrying products that were made locally to support other small Nebraska businesses and entrepreneurs.

In the back of the house is where the transformations take place. Their grooming model is one-to-one, which means your dog is with one groomer for the entire duration of their appointment. This allows for trust to be built and a bond is formed between dog and human. This approach lends itself to a low-stress experience, which is not only beneficial to the pup but is also much more enjoyable for the professional groomer.

They don’t have kennels, so your pet’s grooming appointment will start at a certain time and they call you as they’re finishing up, so neither pet nor parent has to wait all day. They also don’t charge additional express fees to make your dog our sole focus and priority. Their groomers are experienced animal lovers, who will treat your pet with compassion and expertise. And they don’t discriminate! Wag works with all breeds of dogs and offers cat grooming, as well.

Naturally, there is an element of nervousness or anxiousness when it comes to dog grooming. From the sound of the blow dryer or the buzzing of clippers, to having their nails trimmed and ears cleaned; a bit of hesitation is expected. But the friendly and professional staff at Wag are well aware of all these factors and do their absolute best and due diligence to ensure the grooming procedure goes smoothly as doggy possible.

Eryn’s passion extends beyond serving dogs and their owners, which is why she proudly rents the other half of their building to a local nonprofit and only cat cafe in the region, Felius. Just on the other wall of Wag, you can stop in for a great cup of coffee and if cats are your thing, you can sip and bond with a group of cats that are all medically updated and ready to be adopted. Eryn sits on the board of Felius and in collaboration with Felius’ founder, Bre, they are working together to increase awareness for animal rescue and adoption.

So it’s not shocking to also know that Eryn has extended those rescue efforts to breeds that are often overlooked, as she created her own small animal rescue called Hops + Co. From rabbits to hamsters, to the hairless mini pig cozily housed in a spacious and luxurious cage right inside of Wag; Eryn has been called to serve and protect all four-legged creatures, big or small. Since its inception in 2011, Wag has hosted many adoption days and has ongoing partnerships with outstanding local rescue organizations.