Dewey Dog Park: a Midtown Gem

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The Dewey Dog Park is one of the nicest free dog parks Omaha has to offer. It’s located in the recently revitalized Midtown area nestled between downtown and the Blackstone District, just a block away from Turner Park. The dog park is cozily tucked into everything that Dewey Park has to offer; including tennis courts, a walking path, a basketball court, a racket ball court, horseshoes, and a children’s playground. The entire park covers just over seven acres of land with the dog park itself totaling 10,000 square feet.

With a $400,000 budget, the project aimed to create a nice facility for dogs, their owners, and avid dog lovers in the neighborhood. Since its opening in late 2019, the dog park is free to use from dawn until dusk each day. It’s divided into two sections to accommodate a range of breeds; the “Small Dog” area and the “All Sizes”. You’ll often see the small dogs in the All Size section, keeping up with the Great Danes and other large dogs. There’s a double locking system to get in and out of the park, ensuring that no pups can escape and run off.

You can enjoy the Dewey Dog Park all year round. The turf that covers the park prevents a muddy mess on rainy days, which is a welcomed reprieve from muddy paws all over their car. Each of the benches around the park is covered by oversized umbrellas to shield you from the hot sun in the afternoon during the warm months. Both the Small Dog and All Sizes sections have fountains that dogs love to splash in, providing entertainment and refreshing water for hydration and cooling off their coats. The fountains run for a few minutes at a time and are turned by dogs stepping on a button, but sometimes owners will turn on the fountains themselves. During the summer, the fountains are surrounded by kiddie pools that dogs will sit in to cool off. There are dog bowls that get refreshed with water every time the fountain turns on for your pup to stay hydrated during all their playing.

In addition to the water features, the Dewey Dog Park also includes dog agility obstacles. Trainers can teach their dogs to walk up these obstacles, though they may be distracted from all their new four-legged friends. When it starts to get dark out, the park has lights that turn on so you can easily keep an eye on your dog while also providing safety and peace of mind for their owners. The park supplies waste bags to clean up any accidents, which are bound to happen with all the excitement and fun.

Near the Dewey Dog Park and just a short walk away is Turner Park. Turner Park sits in the heart of Midtown Crossing. The park always has fun activities and events going on, especially in the summer. It’s a great place to take your dog after spending some time at Dewey Dog Park. Midtown Crossing is full of both fine and casual dining restaurants and great shops to enjoy. The area also offers a plethora of apartments to choose from if you’re looking for a dog-friendly area to call home here in Omaha, Nebraska.

You may have been to other dog parks, but Dewey Dog Park was designed with the dog owner in mind. The shaded benches make it easy to enjoy watching your dog play. No matter where you sit, you’ll have a fairly good view of your dog to keep an eye on them and pick up any waste. The turf works much better than the sand or dirt other dog parks have, eliminating dust getting everywhere and muddy messes. The Dewey Dog Park is truly perfect for any season! Even on cold days, you’ll still find owners bundled up with their dogs out at the park.

The convenient trail access makes it easy to get a walk-in with your dog before or after playtime at Dewey Dog Park. There is also a parking lot, so you won’t have to worry about parking on the street. If you have children, Dewey Park also has a fun playground with slides and a climbing wall. There are tennis courts for those who enjoy the game. The park has something for the whole family to enjoy together.

Dewey Dog Park is not only a fun park for dogs but dog-lovers alike. Owners can sit and chat with others who can relate to their puppy stories, exchange advice, and gain a friend. You’ll be able to see new dog breeds you’ve never seen in person before. It’s a wonderful time for all. Bring your pup and meet some new friends!