Dog Friendly Omaha Restaurants

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Dog Friendly Omaha Restaurants

Omaha has dozens of great Dog Friendly Restaurants throughout our beautiful city and we hope you get to experience every single one of them. 

Our goal at Dog-Friendly Omaha, is to help educate you and keep you informed on what makes a dog-friendly restaurant in Omaha and what to look for when making a reservation for you and your bestie!

Pets More Widely Accepted at Restaurants

It wasn’t too long ago that anyone who loved to enjoy dining out with their favorite friend accompanying them on a leash was a bit hard pressed to find a dog friendly restaurant to enjoy the afternoon or evening in.

In states such as Oregon and Colorado where there was always a prevalent outdoor lifestyle, many proprietors during the 1990s began to allow customers the privilege of bringing their furry companion along, and most of them experienced huge success. 

Not only were the establishments appealing to dog lovers who will purposely visit the restaurant to spend time with their own pets, casual dog walkers who didn’t realize the restaurant was dog friendly would now stop in eagerly to check things out on a whim. 

Once an establishment becomes known as providing a positive and welcome experience for owners and their dogs, they will be automatically added to multiple dog friendly blogs, websites, and review professionals such as us right here at Dog Friendly Omaha! 

All this talk of bringing our favorite and most loyal partner in life along while we sample first-rate food and drink in Omaha makes us want to take our excited pooch immediately out the front door, so we just wanted to quickly ask one important question that will steer us in the right canine-inclined direction!

So, what makes a great dog-friendly restaurant in Omaha? Our team of pet-friendly experts weigh in on that topic!

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“Water bowls are a simple and easy detail that makes the owner feel as if their dog is in an establishment that is watching every move to make sure they’re comfortable.”

— Anonymous

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What Makes a Great Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Omaha?

Here are a few tips we have become familiar with after much time spent with proprietors, dog owners, and traveling coast to coast to dine out recreationally with a few delightful pups of our own!

  • A Staff Educated on the Fine Points of Service Dogs
  • Publicly Announcing the Pet-Friendly Environment
  • Poised in a Prime Location
  • Extra Amenities that Stand Out From the Norm
  • A Well Thought-Through Space

Once an excited patron enters your place with their pet and you aren’t sure whether or not it is a guide dog, it is so much better to impose a friendly inquiry than to simply state that you don’t allow dogs of any type. 

If you do know that it is in fact a service dog it also allows your waitstaff to be more hospitable and ask if there’s anything they can do to help the customer and their dog on the way in. 

Whenever something is placed on the table, it’s a good idea to let the customer know what it is and exactly where you are placing it as a courtesy.


One thing that is always true about responsible dog owners is that they usually like to adhere to rules and policies to assure that they are in a location that genuinely wants them there. 

Also, you and your companion don’t want to have to go through the letdown of getting all dressed up and freshly-leashed and be turned away by the host! 

Once you are 100% sure that you can arrive in full confidence, you’ll be glad the restaurant announced on all their social channels that you and your pup are welcome. 


Everyone in Omaha loves great food, but for a location to be truly successful as a dog-friendly restaurant, it’s ideal to be located close to spots that dogs already love to be at! 

Groomers, pet stores, or even outdoor locations that are top-notch like lakes and trail networks are all good ideas to have nearby. 

Don’t worry! If you are a restaurant owner and feel that you are not already in a high traffic area, small additions such as a small spacious grassy area and reaching out to other local businesses that are dog-friendly in Omaha will get the word out through the right channels.


When a new customer realizes that the place is truly dog friendly for the long haul, it can make all the difference in the world as far as repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

It’s a good idea to have hosts and servers bring water bowls to the table at the same time they bring water for the dog’s owner: it’s a simple and easy detail that makes the owner feel as if their dog is in an establishment that is watching every move to make sure they’re comfortable.

Any dog or owner can testify to the fact that their pet has a very keen sense of memory for establishment’s where they were treated like fur coated royalty!


After you have followed a thorough checklist to assure that your space is now truly equipped and ready to be an amazing and very popular dog-friendly restaurant, it’s time to realize that some of the patrons will still be arriving who aren’t as keen on dog culture. 

Some places with tight spots that still have world-class food are vibrant and “down for dogs” constantly here in Omaha, but it is crucial to assure that your most favorite frequent diners don’t have the misfortune of having their dog accidentally stepped on or worse.

Where are the Great Dog Friendly Restaurants in Omaha?

From the brick-laden and scenic streets of the Old Market to the open spaces and charm of Village Pointe and Papillion, there is no shortage of amazing places to eat in Omaha. 

A city famous for steaks, casual eats and pastry, and some of the best Italian food west of Chicago, it’s not too hard to get excited every single time you are going out for a special night here. 

There are many dog-friendly establishments that will be right up your alley, but here’s a short list of spots we’ve compiled that are sure to have tails wagging and taste buds offering a huge “thumbs up!” or should we say paws up? 

Archetype Coffee:

We were immediately impressed with this spot because they have very obviously been right on point from the beginning when it comes to servicing the community that sharing coffee together immediately creates. 

Here as you enjoy their amazing patio you can partake in unforgettable taste experiences such as the delicious Pink Bourbon from Lucy Galindez, a well-known producer in the La Murally community of skilled farmers. 

Infusion Brewery:

This is an awesome place to take your live-in and unconditionally loyal canine love of your life to explore Benson. It’s one of those historic locations that the owner just knew the time was right for when he was offered it, and many people-watching opportunities are here due to the presence of the Waiting Room music venue, the Beercade video game hall, and the Reverb Lounge

El Squatcho Mexican Lager, Frooty Loops Vanilla Bean Blonde, and Glazed Donut Milk Stout are some of the amazing offerings here in this craft beer lovers’ local paradise. 

The Nite Owl:

This is a dog-friendly bar and restaurant in the newly developed and full of young-professionals architectural and developmental success in Omaha that is Midtown. 

The warmer months would prove to be a great opportunity for a Rhubarb Daiquiri or Slaughter Melon, and your four-legged guest may have a hard time resisting the ultimate fried Oreo they offer for dessert! 

The Omaha Dog Bar:

This is an establishment that we know will be the first that many flock to because of its extreme dog friendliness, but there’s also something amazingly special and rightfully organic going on here at the core. 

There is potential for both you and your beloved breed of choice to have the best time ever and it feels like you’re a guest at close acquaintances’ spacious and dog optimized backyard. 

One of their most important rules is that your dog must have a color displaying its name, but from ball and fetch time to an  amazing amount of leg stretching and socializing for any season, this is Omaha’s definitive premier dog friendly restaurant. 

Spin Neapolitan Pizza:

This spot with a dog-friendly patio in Legacy Village is steered expertly at the helm by renowned Chef James Beard and offers its very own breed of a break from the grind with a fast casual and welcoming food concept. 

Some of the most amazing hummus and red pepper spread we’ve ever dug into with an eager shepherd or sheepdog watching, and a 3-cheese panini that screams the perfect mid-day escape from the cubicle are waiting here for you to devour. 

You can try pizzas that seem a bit far fetched but are simply irresistible: the sausage and apple as well as the Athens Pizza are a bit of a rare taste that you’ll be wanting to come back to pronto!

Keeping You Informed on Pet Friendly Places To Eat

Omaha has garnered national attention for their culinary scene and the landscape of dog friendly restaurants in Omaha changes quickly in the Omaha area.  

With dozens of great Dog Friendly Restaurants throughout our beautiful city, there really is something for everyone to experience. 

We hope our tips for finding and experiencing dog-friendly restaurants in Omaha useful.

Our goal at Dog-Friendly Omaha, is to help educate you and keep you informed on what makes a dog-friendly restaurant in Omaha and what to look for when making a reservation for you and your bestie! 

And, don’t hesitate to keep in contact with us about a new dog-friendly restaurants in the Omaha area. Click here!