Omaha Dog Bar: Nightlife Fun for All

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The Omaha Dog Bar is known as a “watering hole for dogs and their people.” It’s a trendy spot for adults 21+ looking for a place they can have a beer with friends and spend time with their dog. Leah Thrasher, the founder of The Omaha Dog Bar, has been a dog lover all her life. She got her start first with a career in marketing but was left feeling unfulfilled and called to incorporate her love of dogs with her love of business, which evolved into her establishing Omaha.Dog, a website that helped initiate dog-friendly events in Omaha.

It was a dream of hers to open Nebraska’s first and only dog-focused restaurant, bar, and dog park all in one. She recognized a need – people who loved their furry friends wanted to take them along when they went out for a drink or a bite to eat. In February 2021, that dream became a reality for Thrasher and all Omaha dog lovers as the bar opened.

The line on their website’s home page says it all: “Omaha Dog Bar isn’t just dog-friendly, it’s dog-focused.” The entire bar was designed with your pup in mind, including 15,000 square feet of room for your pup to roam off-leash. The dog park is a combination of both indoor and outdoor areas, which is perfect for the unpredictable weather in Nebraska. The outdoor area is covered in turf, so there are no worries of muddy paws after playing. There are lots of mature trees that provide plenty of shade to keep you and your pup cool in the summer heat. They also have an array of water bowls and waste bags throughout the facility to hydrate and clean up after your dog.

It’s not uncommon to have a few dog guests that can be food aggressive, which is why the Omaha Dog Bar and its experienced staff have plans in place to prevent this from becoming an issue. While you can sit and enjoy a cold beer or beverage in any area of the park, they have dedicated areas for eating. If your dog is with you in the designated eating area, it must be leashed. They also have trained workers called Bark Rangers. The rangers help keep an eye on the dogs and ensure that everyone is safe while having fun.

Indoors, the Omaha Dog Bar features a retail area to shop for merchandise and local goodies handmade for your furry friend. They also have a self-service dog bath that you can use with no appointment required. For $15, they’ll lend you an apron and let you use their dog bath with shampoo, conditioner, towels, detangler, brushes, and a blow dryer all included. They even have free wifi and charging stations, so bring your laptop and work from the dog park for a change!

All dogs must be registered on the Omaha Dog Bar’s website before being able to use the park. They require vaccine records, updated flea and tick prevention, and for your pup to be spayed or neutered if over one year of age. A day pass is $10 for one dog plus an additional $5 for any extra furry friends in your household. You can also purchase monthly passes or yearly memberships.

There are no dog breed or size restrictions at the Omaha Dog Bar. They welcome all dogs, big and small. They do require all humans to be 21 or older to come in, which makes coming to the Omaha Dog Bar a great excuse to find a sitter and enjoy a night away from the kiddos. They offer a great selection of wines, beers, and handcrafted cocktails. The drinks have fun-themed names like, “Don’t Stop Retrievin,” “Paw-Some Float,” and “Collie Me Maybe Margarita.” The Omaha Dog Bar also has a delicious food menu including IPA macaroni and cheese, pizza from Tasty Pizza, and desserts like spiced apple monkey bread. They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

The Omaha Dog Bar is made for fun! They have lots of entertaining events happening throughout the year for you and your dog to enjoy. Breed meet-ups, bingo, yoga, and trivia nights are a few of the fun events they put on regularly. On the weekends, you can catch live music. They also throw fun holiday bashes and dog prom.

If you’re a dog owner in the Omaha area and you haven’t visited Omaha Dog Bar, what are you waiting for? It’s the most dog-friendly place the area has to offer. Invite your friends with dogs and kick back with some delicious brews and your pups.