Dog Friendly Omaha Bars

the dog bar fence with saying "dog vibes only"

Just as it it’s not surprising to us in the least that 62% of dog owners would consider moving to a new home to better accommodate and make their dog comfortable, these types of loyal pet lovers are the kind that would enjoy the convenience and recreational time spent at a dog friendly bar in Omaha.

Pints, Paws, and a Fun Social Outlet:

When people set out for an afternoon or evening to visit a bar, it is a place that is known to be warm, friendly, and off-the-charts social: this is where you gather with others to meet and have fun mingling and even flirting a bit!

For bar owners, allowing dogs as part of the fun seems promising: even if someone always stops for a quick water bowl break for their furry friend and one drink for themselves, it is a fairly impulse-driver sale that the owner would have not otherwise been able to gain. 

If a bar in Omaha can manage to be dog friendly while still appealing to their base clientele, they will most likely be reaping the rewards of enjoying returning customers to a location where many walks of a life can enjoy an escape from the grind or sports game on TV all in one spot. 

There are so many characteristic and unique bars in Omaha to begin with that for some of these establishments it was a complete no-brainer to allow the customer’s ultimate companion to come along with them to make it seem like a home away from home.

What Makes a Great Pet-Friendly Bar in Omaha?

A strong 60% of dog owners believed after an extensive survey in 2020 that having a water bowl poised and ready for the dog was the most important factor as the two of you settle into the bar.

Another 14% claimed the dog-loving pub staff were a crucial trait as well: here are some of the things we think makes a bar stand out from the rest when they decide to finally go for Golden Retrievers and German shorthairs!

  • An Easy-to-See Notice Stating Dogs are Welcome
  • Somewhere with Shade for a Dog to Rest
  • The Option of Indoor Dining for Two
  • Availability of Water Bowls
  • A Web Presence With Clear Guidelines
  • An Effort to Genuinely Make Dogs and Owners Feel Welcome
dog bowls at the dog bar in omaha nebraska
An Easy-to-see Notice Stating Dogs Are Welcome:

Foot traffic is one of the most impromptu and important ways that bar owners will want to secure new customers, and it’s a good idea to allow them to know of the bat from a walking viewpoint that they and their dog are welcome.

It is most definitely best advertised out front in some way that dogs are welcome, assuring that not a single passerby misses out your awesome brews and atmosphere!

Somewhere With Shade for a Dog to Rest:

Many bars in locations such as the old market here in Omaha have the obvious advantage of being right alongside the sidewalk, allowing for a patio to provide necessary shade.

During the warmer months when owners are walking their dogs, they may have already gone a far enough distance to exert both of them and getting out of the sun will see them appreciating their thirst for your liquid merchandise even more.

The Option of Indoor Dining for Two:

This great benefit of a dog friendly bar can be a little tough: we do understand that it’s usually the patio that is the first area on any restaurant proprietor’s agenda to open to both patrons and their dogs.

Even though it may be slightly difficult to mix the non-dog loving crowd into a different area, if a dog can go all the way inside with their owner, they are more likely to meet people with the same interests and come back in larger groups for birthdays or other fun social celebrations. 

Availability of Water Bowls:

The millennial market is such a major influence in this variety of bar, and studies have shown that as dog ownership grows rapidly with younger generations the features dog owners are looking for are expected the very second they set foot on the property.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult for the staff to keep all the bowls fresh and organized, but it is still a vital way of allowing for the dog to get their form of liquid refreshment as soon as they come in, which will be their first memory of your establishment.


Whether someone and their favorite special for a friend already live in Omaha or are just coming to visit, they will probably look online to check out everything they’re planning to do in close detail.

When a potential patron is looking at their busy itinerary or filling up their day off with activities, they’ll want to be able to just take a glance at your bar’s website and know right away whether the dog is welcome for happy hour on up!

An Effort to Genuinely Make Dogs and Owners Feel Welcome:

The customers that will flock to your dog friendly bar in Omaha after they find out the good news are definitely well versed and individuals with a good sense of perception that will know if the efforts to make your place accommodating are about profit or community.

The best way to go about this is with proper staff training: every time the staff asks a question about whether both you and your dog are satisfied and comfortable, a little bit of sincerity goes a long way for repeat business.

We have been excited for quite some time to offer up this list of pet-friendly watering holes in Omaha, as we fondly remember a quote we had once heard while on a long transatlantic flight on the way home:

“You’re not really drinking alone if your dog is with you!”

— Anonymous

outside of the omaha dog bar in omaha nebraska

Where are the Dog-Friendly Bars in Omaha?

Here’s a list of some of the places where you can try the region’s excellent craft beer, enjoy a delicious meal, and soon have your pet in on the daily fun where as soon as they walk in the door, they are in a place where “everybody knows their name”.

The Omaha Dog Bar

We figured that we may as well start out with the most obvious, but we can assure you that it may also be the “most awesome”! These foodies have brought to the Omaha scene one of the most fun places to bring your pup in town.

What is Nebraska’s first only dog focus bar features a 10,000 square foot outdoor fully fenced bark park, soft service dog baths, and even meet ups where you can mingle with owners that have an interest in the very same breed. 

O’Leaver’s Pub

This classic Omaha spot allows dogs in the backyard patio area and has long been a premier location to see some of the most up and coming artists in the metro area.

You and your beloved doggo can watch volleyball here, enjoy the people watching with most patrons being quite a bit hipper than average, and channel your inner artists that would love to someday be performing on all of the late shows nationwide!

Brickway Brewery

This is one of those establishments where it is immediately obvious that they have spent years perfecting the recipes and proudly offer the well balanced and award-winning brews on their stellar list.

Your dog is more than welcome to join you while you sit at the outdoor patio tables, and you’ll be sipping on some of the state’s best suds in the form of Omaha Stylee Juicy IPA, Session Series Pils, Coffee Vanilla Stout, Jalapeno Pineapple, and a delicious Fall treat of a first-rate Maple Pecan microbrew. 

Nebraska Brewing Company

You and your dog will love to settle into this awesome Papillon ale house that has an industrial vibe and offers a menu with the best eats around to prepare and wash down with one of their delicious and well-crafted cold ones.

“World Class in Every Glass”, these are the genius hop and barley experts of the area who concocted Brunette Nut Brown, Cardinal Pale Ale, EOS Hefeweizen, an out-of-sight IPA, and the locally renowned Nebraska Pils. 

Barchen Beer Garden

Everyone in the Midwest loves to occasionally channel their festive and exploratory spirit, and what better way to do so than with German, American, and Belgian craft beers as well as the ultimate delicious devouring of world-class sausage!

Kale Caesar, Hammer Pints Fries, Café Pretzels, and a Reuben sandwich that will Jumpstart your bar experience and taste buds on the double with the most distinct kraut and consistency all await you and your constantly curious +1 here at this incredibly unique Omaha bar. 

Tanner’s Bar and Grill

Tanners is one of those places to go to with your dog that has a casual and welcoming vibe, and is a fantastic place to watch sports with diehard locals who offer up a wonderful sense of community.

We guarantee you that your ultimate life partner with a fantastic fur coat will be eyeballing you heavily as you devour their famous chicken lips, jumbo wings, and delicious boogas just for starters.

The Trap Room 

The trap room has earned a status as many Omaha dog lovers’ absolute favorite indoor and outdoor dog friendly patios. The square footage here may be a little bit on the smaller side but being so close to TD Ameritrade Park provides one of the most ultimate people watching experiences you and your dog could ever ask for.

Sean O’Caseys

This is an excellent choice for you and your dog of the delightful Irish variety that is just North of Oakview Mall.

With a quite large dog friendly patio bearing suburban and casual vibe, here you can sample amazing whiskeys and beer, their signature corned beef Philly sandwich, a pork tenderloin friendship, and so much more very shamrock-infused and hearty fare! 

Go Experience one of Omaha’s Best Dog-Friendly Bars:

We hope that you get to find time to go to one of these great places with your dog and reach out to tell us if you had a blast with a few cold beers! We definitely want to keep up on where the best watering holes are that allow pets, and you can contact us here to let us know about all of your adventures and findings.