Dog Friendly Omaha Hotels

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Dog Friendly Omaha Hotels

There are plenty of Dog-Friendly Hotels in Omaha

And dog-friendly Omaha is here to help you make a better informed decision on where to stay while you’re staying in Omaha. 

The hotel industry has lately experienced a strong uptick in national chains and independent locations that have become dog and pet friendly. 

By offering a pet-friendly stay, you can provide a convincing amount of flexibility that will have travelers looking for accommodations thrilled that they can bring their most loyal friend along for the trip! 

Many hotels now are pulling out all the hospitable stops to assure that the extra visitor is comfortable and feeling at home right away.

Consumers Definitely Will Break out Their Debit Card Frequently for Their dog?

Between 40 and 47 percent of all Americans own a dog, and in 2021 Americans spent around $109.6 billion on their happy and face-licking loved ones. 

While consumers are going over their all-important monthly budget, they are still allocating around $140 per month to spend on their favorite pet, and Americans spend an estimated $1.7 billion buying their pets special gifts for the holiday where humans may receive roses and chocolate: Valentine’s.

It is no surprise that Americans are so willing to spend this money on their four legged friends: A strong sense of companionship and loyalty are things to come home to every night that people everywhere love to reward!

young woman and her dog at the perigrine hotel in omaha

“A strong sense of companionship and loyalty are things to come home to every night that people everywhere love to reward!”

— Anonymous

woman sits in a hanging chair with a white dog at the perigrine hotel in omaha

What Makes a Hotel Pet Friendly?

Everyone here at Dog Friendly Omaha has their “own breed” of criteria for what makes a hotel pet friendly by our standards, just as every owner has their own favorite breed of lovable companion! 

We know that just as with anything in the wide world of places to stay, making the claim to be pet friendly and following through two different forms of action. 

Here are the things that we think provide an overnight atmosphere good enough for any Australian Shepherd or beloved Boston Terrier in your care!

  • Fees for the Privilege that are Reasonable
  • Affordable “Add-on” Fees
  • Not Imposing too Many Restrictions
  • Layout and Floor Plan
  • A Non-Discriminatory Approach

Once some hotel chains knew that being pet-friendly was going to become lucrative in many ways, they found ways to add on extra fees. This was not difficult, because only a decade or so ago, dog owners were so happy to find a place that catered to their stay needs. 

 A one-time cleaning fee of around $50 could be deemed acceptable, but a housekeeping fee as high as $250 is a bit exorbitant. 


If a hotel is organically and purposefully wanting to be known in the community as reasonable and pet-friendly, they will not aggressively stack up the “daily pet fees” that can be $100 per diem, sometimes on top of the already-inflated housekeeping fees. 

Hotels that are interested in repeat business and stellar reviews will want to have pet owners returning happily, and just generating revenue off of standard room rates.


Hotels that adopt a pet-friendly policy to provide comfort and an added amenity will not imply too many harsh restrictions on you or your carry-on canine. 

A hotel’s pet-sitter that needs to be an added expense if you leave your pet alone is sometimes reasonable, but it depends on the level and style of enforcement. 

Keeping your pet in a kennel when alone is another demand that some dog-loving travelers are not excited about, so a furry friend that doesn’t bark too much can be a big help. 


One of the most user-friendly traits of a pet friendly hotel with good intentions is not having a floor plan that separates you from a non-pet toting guest or house you in rooms that are displaying wear and tear or other insufficient lower-quality characteristics.

 Even though it’s hard to believe, we have even heard of some pet friendly accommodations being located up to 1/4 of a mile away from the hotel itself!


If you’re browsing on this website, we know that you’re a dog lover, and we think that’s awesome! If your pet of choice is America’s most popular as it is, we completely understand that you need hotels that will accommodate your dog’s needs. 

But if a hotel really possesses the finer traits of a dog friendly hotel, they may take the well-intentioned liberty of allowing other pets such as cats to go with them to their room as well. 

Where are Some of the Dog Friendly Hotels in Omaha?

If you are looking to vacation with the fantastic and always appreciative company of your dog, you couldn’t ask for a more pet friendly place in the comedy metro area then Omaha! 

With its spectacular zoo, record low unemployment, and Midwest values that make it a great place to raise a family, your lovable lab or prize-winning pug will want to jump in the suitcase and relocate here with you as well! Here are some of the hotels you can stay in with confidence while your doggo is in tow, or recommend to other dog-lovers who are coming in to visit. 

The Even Hotel Downtown Omaha:

We have stayed here personally, and our first impression was that we loved just how modern it was. The lobby is open and inviting, and is an amazing place to enjoy a drink, a board game, or e-mail catchup session, and you will not find any outdated decor in this dog friendly and very trendy hotel. This amazing place to stay is known for its numerous eco-friendly amenities, proximity to first-rate downtown attractions, and for feeling natural from the moment you (and your dog!) walk in. 

The Magnolia Hotel Omaha

This is a location that rocks for you and your dog to truly have a “feet and paws on the ground” tour of the art and entertainment district and the area near the TD Ameritrade stadium that hosts the annual crack of the bat at the College World Series. This eye-catching structure was designed to appear much like the famed Bargello Palace in scenic Florence, Italy, and was rightfully named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Residence Inn Omaha Downtown/Old Market:

Here in the busiest district of Omaha and still close to the airport is a great place to stay with your pet! You are situated and ready to fill the water bowl and enjoy downtown after a simple nonrefundable $100 fee. You can enjoy excellent antique shops, fine dining, and all the inquisitive walks your dog could ever ask for here at the Residence Inn.

Element Midtown Crossing:

This is a fantastic location directly west of downtown Omaha and close to Dundee, where you can enjoy the best of attractions the metro has to offer with your dog. They offer a free airport shuttle, 24 hour fitness, and  beds with a reputation for being as comfortable as it possibly gets. You can enjoy a first-run movie at Alamo Drafthouse and have access to a grocery store directly around the corner! 

The Sonesta ES Suites Omaha:

This hotel offers a slightly different take on the standard extended-stay suite. Any weary traveler and their potentially kenneled up company will enjoy the convenience, spacious suites, multiple bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchens all at a very affordable price. This is the type of location where you and your dog can sprawl out and feel as if you are in an apartment complex instead of a crowded floor full of rooms, and get ready to hit all of Omaha’s great dog-friendly patios next. 

Home 2 Suites by Hilton Omaha West:

This is a fantastic place to stay for anyone who doesn’t necessarily require the hustle and bustle of downtown Omaha’s offerings and caters to corporate and leisure guests at all stages of the open road’s journey. There is also another pet friendly Omaha point of interest directly nearby that truly takes the cake as far as a weary traveler could wish for in the form of a funny bone comedy club, and well signaled Wi-Fi and breakfast are always complimentary on the house!

Stay in Omaha And Bring Your Furry Friend

Omaha is a dog-friendly city and there are plenty of Dog-Friendly Hotels in Omaha

We hope that Dog-Friendly Omaha helped you make a better informed decision on where to stay while enjoying the Omaha metro area.